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Signs That You Are Experiencing the Onset of Obesity

Obesity is a concern that can cause troublesome health issues at any given point of your life. Be it congenital or due to any allied medical conditions, the risks attached to obesity are multifold. If you have been gaining weight drastically, or have been noticing considerable changes in your body fat, here are a few notable signs of obesity you must consider before seeking expert help from a doctor of your choice!
  1. Your BMI: Your Body Mass Index is always a clear indicator of your body weight. If you have been noticing the extra weight gain in the past couple of weeks, make sure you’re keeping tabs on your BMI. Once you calculate your BMI, ensure that it doesn’t exceed 27.5. A BMI that stands above 30 is a clear indication of obesity.
  2.  Irregular Periods Among Women: Being overweight can increase the risk of having irregular or heavy periods among women. In some cases, obesity might also trigger missed cycles and delays in ovulation. These could be the most prominent signs of obesity in women.
  3. Heartburn and Acid Reflux: if you have been noticing frequent occurrences of heartburns or acid refluxes lately, it is wise to keep tabs on your weight. People who have gained a few extra Kilograms lately might experience symptoms such as a burning sensation near the chest and pain and pressure around the chest and throat. This occurs due to an accumulation of excess fat that pressurises the digestive system and leads the food in the stomach to be pushed towards the oesophagus, causing discomfort and acid reflux in the digestive system.
  4. Anxiety and depression: An increase in stress levels and weight can both trigger a certain amount of anxiety and depression into our minds. If you feel that you might have been feeling anxious or depressed the past few days, try checking your weight or a possible increase in it. If the fact that you might have gained a few kgs in the past few months is making you socially reserved or depressed, make sure your BMI is not on the offside.
  5. Increased Snoring: The tendency to snore increases exponentially as and when you gain weight. As your weight increases, the risk of obstructive sleep apnea due to too much bulk around the neck increases, leading you to snore more than usual.
Apart from these symptoms, if you have been witnessing excessive fat deposits around certain areas of your body, make sure you check your weight and visit a weight loss specialist if you seem to find yourself becoming obese.

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